Carpets do filter our environment!

Whilst on holiday recently we booked into a classic (older) hotel, our room was large with good views, but 2 single beds – problem number 1! I was also quick to notice the polished wooden floorboards (no carpet).
I asked to be relocated to another room due to the bed situation and was informed we would be moved the next day. The next morning we awoke with sore raspy throats, and I overheard other couples from rooms close by saying the same thing (no coincidence there). We were relocated to another room and yes, it did have carpet (soiled). The next morning, no raspy throats – conclusion: Dust was floating around in the first room but not visible, while in the second room although the carpet was soiled it still filtered or collected the dust in the air preventing sore throats etc. This indicates the benefits of vacuuming and regular cleaning of these floor coverings.

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