Tips For Cleaning your Carpet

Having a clean carpet promotes better and healthier living environment for your family. The challenge for most people would be keeping the carpet clean. Professional carpet cleaning services are always available and you can just call them for an appointment but sometimes we don’t have the luxury to do that. For maintaining your carpet, here are some tips from your dependable carpet cleaning company, All Fresh Cleaning.


First rule in making your carpet clean would be prevention and limiting the dirt accumulated by the carpet should be your priority. Make sure to set some rules inside your house (ex. Shoes-off rule) or place a sturdy mat at the entrance to shake off the dirt before going inside your house. Vacuuming should be a daily basis to prevent dirt from building up.

Having stains in your carpet is unavoidable and can happen any time but it can be cleaned using chemicals usually found inside our house. All you have to do is choose the right cleaning agent for your carpet stain cleaning.

Dishwashing Detergent

Detergent used for washing your plates can also be used as a cleaning tool for your carpet. Detergent are perfect for stains of grease in your carpet, just mix the detergent with water and put it on a sprayer. Spray it on the affected area of your carpet and use a clean cloth to wipe the surface.

White Vinegar and Club Soda

White vinegar and Clubsoda mixture is perfect for cat urine and beer stains. Mix both ingredients in a handheld sprayer, spray throughout the affected area of the carpet. Soak the area for about 10-15 minutes and gently press the area with sponge. Once the stain is gone, make sure to rinse it with water.

Ice cubes

Children and even adults loves to chew bubblegum but when accidentally stick to our carpet it would be a big problem. Ice cubes are used for these situations; apply the ice cubes in the affected area for about 30 seconds after freezing the gum use a spoon to take out the gum and cut the strands of the carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is usually used for cleaning mild stains like oily or waxy materials. Just apply a suitable amount of alcohol on the affected area, use a clean cloth or cotton.

In 12-18 months your carpet needs to be deep cleaned to be able to remove all debris and greases stuck on the carpet. When it comes to professional deep carpet cleaning, All Fresh Cleaning is here to help you. We have the best and latest cleaning chemicals that are environment friends and safe which would be perfect if you have kids or pets inside your home.  We are knowledgeable in different carpet cleaning methods and stain removal of any kind will be easy for us to process. Make sure to call All Fresh Cleaning today and we’ll handle all the carpet stains professionally and hassle free.

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