Why Clean your Carpet Regularly

Why should you clean your carpet regularly?
One of the misconceptions about carpets is that people think that carpets are to be cleaned when dirt is visible but for us, you shouldn’t think that way. Indoor carpets should be cleaned regularly and not neglected. All Fresh Cleaning is here to give you some reasons based on our years of experience in carpet cleaning.
Cleaning your Carpets Regularly Will:
1. Carpet Appearance
Would you like a dirty carpet? Of course the answer is no. Appearance is one of the reasons why we clean our carpet. Also well maintained carpets brings out the cleanliness and the beauty of a room.

2. Healthy Environment
Carpet builds up dirt if not cleaned regularly, it traps airbourne pollutants, bacteria build-up, allergens, etc. These unhealthy contaminants can cause irritation, allergy and even diseases like respiratory issues (asthma), skin irritation, infection and more. Regularly cleaning your carpet can help you avoid these certain kinds of health problems.

3. Quality of Indoor Air
Carpets traps airbourne pollutants and keeps dirt from circulating. With regular vacuuming and getting some professional carpet cleaning services, you can easily clean your carpet and prevent it from building up dirt.

4. Beautiful Investment
Having a carpet is an investment. Imagine having a carpet inside your house, wouldn’t it look amazing? Having to install carpet inside your house will cost you thousands of dollars alone and you don’t want that to go to waste. Protecting your assets is important and that asset inside your house is your carpet. Make sure that it is regularly cleaned and neat to prolong the life and the quality of your carpet.

5. Carpet Warranty
Some carpet owners doesn’t know about this but carpets also have their warranty. Manufacturers recommend their buyers to get professional carpet cleaning to help maintain the carpets and gives their buyers a guide when does the carpet needs to be cleaned; usually 12-18 months.
For a cleaner, beautiful and healthier home or work environment, carpets are to be cleaned on a scheduled basis. Make sure that you have the right Carpet Cleaners to attend to all of your carpet needs. If you need help with your carpet, make sure to give us a call here at All Fresh Cleaning and we’ll help you with all your carpet needs.

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