Why Have your carpets cleaned?

Carpets are the flooring of choice in most modern offices and homes today, and act as a sound absorber. Imagine your office or home if you were to remove your carpets, sound would just carry and in some cases echo. Carpets also act as a ‘filter’ for the air we breath!!!

In the 70′s in Sweden, asthma was on the increase. The Government of the day had all the carpets removed from Government buildings to slow the asthma down. The reverse happened, asthma spiralled higher than ever before. Why? Scientists worked out that what was happening with the carpet was that the air circulates dust & other particles around, and carpet traps these particles in the fibres creating an actual ‘air filter’ all over the carpeted floor space.

Next time your carpets need cleaning or vacuuming ask yourself “is this being done correctly and will it be beneficial to me the way its being conducted?” don’t know? read our next issue on how carpets should be maintained.

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