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Anti-Static Treatment

All Fresh Carpet and Tile Care can treat your carpet to prevent static electricity accumulating on carpet fibres. Static electricity may build up on an untreated carpet as a result of the friction between people’s shoes and the carpet fibres. It is especially prevalent when the air humidity is low. The resulting sparks and discharges that occur when the occupant touches a metal surface are both annoying and hazardous, particularly near sensitive electronic equipment. A build-up of static charge also attracts dirt and dust particles from shoes and from the air and thereby contributes to rapid soiling of the carpet.

All Fresh Carpet and Tile Care will eliminate all of these problems by providing a treatment to the fibres which stops static charge from accumulating. Our treatment has a pleasant perfume, has no tendency to attract dirt, will not change the feel of the carpet and is compatible with most fluorocarbon products. Usually, the treatment will last 3-6 months.

Why should you clean your carpet regularly?

All Fresh Carpet, tile and Grout CleaningOne of the misconceptions about carpets is that people think that they only need to be cleaned when dirt is visible, this is a myth and you shouldn’t think that way. Indoor carpets should be cleaned regularly and not neglected. All Fresh Carpet and Tile Care is here to give you some reasons based on our years of experience in carpet cleaning.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will:

1. Carpet Appearance

Would you like a dirty carpet? Of course the answer is no. Appearance is one of the reasons why we clean our carpet. Also, well maintained carpets brings out the cleanliness and the beauty of a room.

2. Healthy Environment

Carpets build up dirt if not cleaned regularly, they trap airbourne pollutants, bacteria builds up, allergens, etc.. These unhealthy contaminants can cause irritation, allergy and even diseases like respiratory issues (asthma), skin irritation, infection and more. Regularly cleaning your carpet can help you avoid these kinds of health problems.

3. Quality of Indoor Air

Carpets trap airbourne pollutants and keep dirt from circulating. With regular vacuuming and getting some professional carpet cleaning services, you can easily clean your carpet and prevent it from building up dirt.

4. Beautiful Investment

Having a carpet is an investment. Imagine having a carpet inside your house, wouldn’t it look amazing? Having to install carpet inside your house will cost you thousands of dollars alone and you don’t want that to go to waste. Protecting your assets is important and that asset inside your house is your carpet. Make sure that it is regularly cleaned and neat to prolong the life and the quality of your carpet.

5. Carpet Warranty

Some carpet owners don’t realise their carpet has a warranty. Manufacturers recommend buyers to get professional carpet cleaning to help maintain the carpet and give their buyers a guide for good care. You carpet needs to be cleaned every 12-18 months.

For a cleaner, more beautiful and healthier home or work environment, carpets should be cleaned on a scheduled basis. Make sure you use qualified professionals to attend to all of your carpet needs. If you need help with your carpet, make sure to give All Fresh Carpet and Tile Care a call, we will help you with all your carpet needs.

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